Based in Roberts Creek, BC, Anagram has been performing for many years at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, the Pender Harbour Jazz Festival, the Gibsons Jazz Festival and others.

Anna Lumiere known for her work as leader of the popular MIMOSA

has played in many Canadian Festivals including the Montreal Jazz Festival and has toured Canada and the East Coast. Lumiere’s music is heard regularly on the CBC and Radio - Canada

Graham Ord has toured Canada, Japan, and Europe and has played in the Berlin Jazz Festival, the Chicago Jazz Festival and many Canadian Jazz festivals.

Bernie Arai’s career as a performer, recording artist and educator spans styles from jazz to electronic music to Japanese taiko. He works regularly with some of Canada’s most accomplished musicians. Born, raised and based in Vancouver, Bernie has performed across the country with various ensembles, and has also toured across the United States, Japan and Europe.


Anagram jazz quartet

Anagram is

Anna Lumiere on Piano

and Graham Ord on Saxes flute and percussion, Bernie Arai on drums.

All seasoned musicians and composers Anagram pour their collective heart and soul into their music.  Ninety percent of the music played by Anagram are original compositions ranging from Brazilian and Latin rhythms to  Funk and quirky grooves.  Influences range from Keith Jarrett and Charles Lloyd, Randy Weston, Joe Henderson, Eddie Harris to John Coltrane.